MKM5000 241G off grid modified sine wave inverter 5000 watt inverter 5000w,24 volt dc to 110 volt ac from China

MKM5000 241G off grid modified sine wave inverter 5000 watt inverter 5000w,24 volt dc to 110 volt ac from China
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MPPT 600W Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter DC22-50V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 110V


System Function

◆ Wireless communication 433/462MHz

◆ 6-grade power search---In overcast weather, the PV Panel’s output current is extremely tiny, then inverter will automatic open 6-grade power search function,and keep outputing efficent and steady during the low power .

◆ Wide voltage input(22-50VDC)---

1. DC voltage input:22~50VDC; 2. Second level power variable voltage conversion.

◆ High-frequency two-way and one-way grid function---

1. High frequency direct modulation, AC half wave synthesis;

2. Two-way grid means: Load consume directly. And can reverse AC current transmission.

◆ Kinds of frequency output function---

1. It can apply to 50Hz and 60Hz frequency of AC; 2. Frequency range: 45Hz ~ 64Hz;

Directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the battery)

◆ AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection---

High-precision analysing the AC phase angle .The phase shift rate is less than 1%, thus achieve high-precision with phase modulation AC output together.1. AC phase shift: < 1%; 2. Over-zero protection: 0.2 VAC; 3. AC switching: 50Hz / 60Hz.

◆ Synchronous High-frequency Modulation

1. Modulation synthesis: half wave and full-bridge modulation synthesis (100Hz / 120Hz) ;

2. Synthetic way: MOSFET full-bridge; 3. High frequency: 50KHz.

◆ Pure Sine Wave Output---Use SPWM directly to make pure sine wave output.

1. Output waveform: Adopt complementary PWM to push-pull pure sine wave;

2. Generate means: enhancement-mode SPWM.

◆ Power Automatically Locked (APL)---

automatically powers locked in maximum power point, made output more stable.

◆ Constant Current, Constant Power---

constant current and output power, without any overload, over-current phenomenon.

◆ Exactly and timely automatic Island Effect Protection

◆ High-Frequency High Conversion Rate---

Adapt high frequency converter, the output more efficient.

◆ Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)---

high-precision (MPPT) operation power, automatic and immediate adjust the solar panels output power at the maximum output point,made the inverter discharge to power grid with the highest efficiency.

◆ Stack using--- Such as: 4 micro inverter of 260W stacking can achieve 1040W. the number of the stacking is unlimited.

◆ DC input---Input voltage range: 22V to 50V,PV Panel: Recommend using the power more than 30W and the standard voltage of 36V PV panels.Suggestion making the PV in parallel.

◆ AC output---220VAC: 180V - 262V, 50HZ; 110V AC: 80V - 160V,60HZ.



★Please connect the inverter following the operation instruction show above. If have any question please contact with relative persons.

★Non-professionals do not disassemble.Only qualified personnel may repair this product.

★Please install inverter in the low humidity and well ventilated place to avoid the inverter over-heating,and clear around the inflammable and explosive materials.

★When using this product, avoid children touching,playing, to avoid electric shock.

★Connected solar panels, battery or wind generators DC input DC power supply cable.


LED Display:

1.Red light 3 second---Red LED light 3 second while device starts , then in working condition;

2.Green flash fast---MPPT searching;

3.Green flash slow---MPPT + searching;

4. Red flash slow---MPPT - searching;

5.Green lights on 3s and off 0.5s---MPPT locked;

6.Red light steady---

a. Islanding protection;

b.Over-temperature protection;

c.Over / low AC voltage protection;

d. Over / low DC voltage protection; e.Fault


Remarks :

LED flashing in the process of being working condition : inverters connected to AC & DC sides→Red LED light 3 second→Green LED flash fast(MPPT searching)→Green LED flash slow(MPPT + searching) / Red LED flash slow (MPPT - searching) / reen LED lights on 3s and off 0.5s (MPPT locked) .



1.One user manual;

2.One 600W inverter;

3.One AC Cable;