MKS TFT32 v4.0 touch screen + MKS Slot SD card expansion module splash lcds TFT 32 touching TFT3.2 display RepRap TFT monitor

MKS TFT32 v4.0 touch screen + MKS Slot SD card expansion module splash lcds TFT 32 touching TFT3.2 display RepRap TFT monitor
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p4 led display screen led video processor p2.5 indoor full color led screen module 1/32 scan smd 2121 full color controller

Key Features

>>>Seamlessly switch between any channel , fade in fade out

>>>Support oversized splice 10x10

>>>Signal detection function

>>>Maximum output resolution: 2304*[email protected] 2560*[email protected]

>>>6-channel digital-analog video input: 2AV 1DVI 1HDMI 2VGA 

>>>Pre-switching technology

>>>16 test patterns

>>>PIP function,P0P function

>>>Knob adjustment setting

>>>Sending card slot drawer installing


508 video processor.png





Input Source

2 Composite Video




Out Source



Output Resolution

1024×[email protected]           1280×[email protected]

1280×[email protected]60Hz         1440×[email protected]

1536×[email protected]         1600×[email protected]

1680×[email protected]         1920×[email protected]

1920×[email protected]         2048×[email protected]

2304×[email protected]         2560×[email protected]

1024×[email protected]          1024×[email protected]

1280×[email protected]          1920×[email protected]

Machine Size485mm(L)x 335 mm(W)x 77mm(H)
Net Weight3.5 kg




508 top.png




More video input - LED Video Processor 6-channel video input, 2 CVBS, 2 VGA, 1DVI, 1 HDMI, Basically covers the civil and industrial uses. All video input switching and enables fast cut and fade transitions.


Practical video output interfaces - LED Video Processor has three video outputs. 2 video output using two DVI outputs, including a VGA output and DVI outputs share one output connector. After these three videos are programmed to send output to the LED card or monitor.In a multi-machine splice is very practical, eliminating the use of video distributor, saving the user the tedious connections, reducing connection failure rate.


Seamlessly switch between any channel - LED Video Processor can also seamlessly switch between any channels switching, the time adjustable from 0 to 3.0 seconds. With a fade transition effect, switch the input channel, so that the screen can be switched smoothly to the second screen. Using fast switching, switching input channels; you can instantly switch the video output.


Full output resolution - LED Video Processor designed for users with useful output resolution, the widest reach 2560 points, the highest of 1536 points, for a variety of dot matrix display. Up to 20 kinds of output resolution for users to choose, and can be adjusted to point output.


Pre-switching technology - Pre-switching technology, is switching the input signal is switched to predict in advance whether the input channel signal. This feature reduces the line is disconnected or may be due to the case of no signal input to switch directly lead to errors, improve the success rate performances.


Support PIP &POP - PIP technology unaltered state in the original image, the other input of the same or different overlay images. LED Video Processor PIP function, not only can be adjusted overlay size, location, borders, etc. You can also use this feature to achieve Picture outside Picture (POP), dual-screen display.


PART & FULL fast switching - LED Video Processor a simple and functional operation of the interception part of the screen and full-screen operation, any one input channel can be independently set different interception effect, and each channel is still able to seamlessly switch. Users can arbitrarily set the current channel interception of part of the screen size and position, and the other channels remain unchanged intercept method. When switching between channels most of its screen or full screen function follows.


Equal and unequal stitching - stitching is LED Video Processor important part, which can be achieved equal stitching and unequal stitching, stitching on greatly satisfy users\' needs. On multiple processors to achieve frame synchronization, 0 delay, no tail and other technologies to enable smooth performance perfect. Unequal spliced portion of the output is the same with the picture settings; the user can read the following chapters for instructions.


30bit scaling technology - LED Video Processor using a dual-core image processing engine, a single core can process 30 image scaling technology to achieve pixel output from 64 to 2560, while achieving 10 times the image to enlarge the output, i.e., the maximum screen more than 25,600.


Brightness adjustment technology - LED Video Processor unique brightness adjustment function, reduce the brightness solved after layering lost, so that more true color reproduction.


Saved directly technology - Saved directly technology to solve the user\'s settings and manually save tedious process, that users of co-ordination or adjust parameters without the implementation of artificial save operation, LED Video Processor user parameters automatically stored in EEPROM, even if the power When turned on, the parameters before power remains in the device.


34 GAMMA curve - A rich pool of GAMMA curve, users can meet in a variety of light conditions and the use of color environments.


ACC &ACM image filtering - LED Video Processor using ACC and ACM image filtering engine, handling each color, nonlinear filtering effect of the lowest loss rate of the image, restore the color fidelity.

Packing List




Details Compare 

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Our Advantage

  • Specific GAMMA algorithm, adaptive adjustment algorithm can restore to real natural color adapting

    to human eyes.

1 (2).jpg


  • Image scaling algorithm, can make the pixel level enhancement, so that the blurred picture becomes clear picture,make a new shows.

2 (2).jpg

  • Motion compensation algorithm, make video display clear .

3 (2).jpg

  • Low gray contrast algorithm, can make full display of gray level, there will be no fault and display hazy as low gray level, improve image quality.


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